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The Multifarious Advantages of Installing Orangeries at Your Home

The desire to flaunt distinct style in the living space prompts enthusiasts to go for unparalleled architecture. They prefer a design that receives head-turning response from the onlookers and become a matter of envy for the neighbours. Obviously, the connoisseurs also want the place to promise utmost comfort, ensure maximum rejuvenation, and enable them to relax when they wish to. Arguably installing orangeries at home is an ideal move to adhere to this coveted wish.

What is an orangery?

Put into simple words, it is a mode of expanding your home’s living space. Traditionally, the orangery was an important part of the stylish home of the bygone era from 17th to 19th century. It gave very much similar appearance as that of greenhouse conservatory. Originally, their use was prevalent to grow exotic plants and fruits, like citrus trees, pineapples and more. These classical orangeries were traditionally the symbol of wealth. However, they became quite common with time.

The modern day orangery is more a place to relax than a conservatory. It is a room with a glazed lantern like structure on the roof. It could flaunt any configuration of doors, windows and stonework (or masonry). It could become a light and airy living room, dining room, even a kitchen or a garden room; all depends on your mood and liking.

Advantages of Orangeries

While you install these unique architectural wonders, you open yourself up to a whole lot of benefits.


If you are ardent lover of stargazing, sitting in your orangery on a chilly winter night can give you a perfect glimpse of stars. The glass ceiling and the comfort of warm heated environment inside the orangery helps you make the most of your hobby.

Make it your workstation

If you want to operate your office from the comfort of your home, your orangery is perhaps the best place, amidst the lustful greenery all around. This also keeps you away from the disturbances at home. Hence, you are in a home away from home, which is indeed an ideal place to earn some more money.

What about partying around?

Be it a summer eve or winter night, you can always celebrate the weather with a happening party. What else could be the better place than your orangery? Call your friends, arrange for some scrumptious cuisine and the party is on its way.

Nice place for your kids

If your children are looking for a peaceful place to study or want to play games with friends, your orangery yet again comes into effect. Its glazed walls help you to keep informed of what your kids are doing. As for their benefit, the orangery gives them the privacy they want.

Benefit on property front

Installing an orangery to your home could significantly increase the value of your property. Hence, it is definitely a wise investment in the long-term. The more you include additional facilities, the better are its chances to gain wealthy buyers.

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